Tool: 7 Strategies to Attract an Executive Sponsor by InPower Coaching

Tool: 7 Strategies to Attract an Executive Sponsor

Did you know? Research shows that just having mentors isn't enough to score an invitation to the executive suite. You also need Executive Sponsors to reach the top. Also available in the InPower Toolkit.

Stand out from the competition

To authentically differentiate yourself from your peers, you need the keys to personal brand visibility. Getting noticed by the right people will unlock new opportunities, raises, and promotions!

This video and journaling workbook (PDF) include 7 key career development strategies and 21 action items to help you gain visibility in your company or in your industry, develop a personal brand reputation for quality and impact cultivate influential supporters who throw your hat in the ring behind closed doors!

  • Gain visibility without playing office politics
  • Take control of your career
  • Focus on the results that matter
  • Learn to network authentically
  • Know what to say when you get a seat at the table
  • Learn to think at the next level

This 10 page workbook and video includes:

  • 7 out-of-the-box strategies that will set you apart from your competition
  • 21 action items you can take right now to put these strategies into practice
  • coaching advice for getting ahead

BONUS! B.A.N.K. Personality Assessment

A magnet for attracting sponsors is demonstrating that you can influence leaders and other influencers. When you purchase this exercise, you’ll also receive  access to the B.A.N.K. Code Influence Style assessment. Take the 90-second assessment online and you’ll immediately receive an 8-page personalized report with insights into your own decision-making personality style. This report, a $97 value, is yours FREE. 
"Dana’s 7 Strategies for Attracting an Executive Sponsor provide the insight and support women (and men!) need to get our careers to the next level. Sometimes we think we’re alone navigating corporate waters, but it’s great to have expert advice about what it takes to get there. Dana’s recommendations are fantastic and actionable– she offers strategies and actions that you can easily understand and start using right away. Very direct, practical and effective."
Marie Brodie, Marketing & UX Expert

What's included?

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How to Attract an Executive Sponsor
7 Strategies to Attract an Executive Sponsor [video]
23 mins
7 Strategies & 21 Action Items Workbook [PDF]
1.58 MB
Take the 2 minute B.A.N.K. Personality Assessment
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Meet the Coach: Dana Theus

Dana Theus is an executive and career coach specializing in helping you activate your highest potential to succeed and to shine. With her support emerging and established leaders take powerful, high-road shortcuts to developing their authentic leadership style and discovering new levels of confidence and impact. Leveraging a 25+ year career on the front lines of business, Dana has worked for Fortune 50 companies, entrepreneurial tech startups, government and military agencies