Authentic Feminine Leadership - On-Demand Journal Course by InPower Coaching

Authentic Feminine Leadership - On-Demand Journal Course

Grab a journal and take your leadership impact to the next level!

What is Authentic Feminine Leadership?

“Never underestimate your ability to lead from a place of emotional intelligence, strength and compassion. Reprogram your inner voice of confidence so you never sell yourself short when self-advocating, leave money on the table in salary negotiations or let stress get the best of you.

In this eLearning program, I’ll to show you the data that says women are excellent leaders. I’ll guide you through applying these truths to your own career and authentic personal brand identity. By the end of this six week process of education and self-reflection, you’ll envision yourself as aconfidenct, strong leader and have a career plan to make it happen!”

Dana Theus, Executive Coach

About This Program

One of the most powerful tools InPower clients recieve are structured questions and prompts to explore their own power through a reflection journal. There is no homework review, test or grade. Your journal is simply the place you go to listen more deeply to your own thoughts. Through this kind of coach-guided reflection, you’ll discover ways to reframe many of the thoughts and feelings holding you back. Join today to discover new ways to INpower yourself and your career as an authentic female leader.
In this program, I’ll be giving you readings and journaling prompts to explore in the areas below. You’ll discover new information and inspiration to power you in redefining your leadership style.

  • Learn what the research says about authentic feminine leadership styles (including the Double Bind for female leaders)
  • Tap proven, high-road shortcuts to career advancement for women
  • Explore intuitive and emotionally intelligent strategies to lead and manage others (and how to avoid the Double Bind!)
  • Discover the safest path to high-profile visibility (Dodge the Imposter Syndrome!)
  • Set up a 1-2-3 career development plan to activate your goals (and your dreams!)
  • How to make a difference with your personal commitment to lifelong mastery of your career 
“There’s been an entire self-help movement that wound up dis-empowering women by either saying something is wrong that needs to be fixed, or just sells mindless aphorisms that aren’t actionable. The InPower material isn’t self-help mumbo-jumbo; it’s actionable coaching that delivers results.” 
S.B., Director of IT

What's included?

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Course Outline
How it Works
Week 1: The State of Women in Leadership
Week 1 Journal Prompts
Women are Having a Moment
How Americans View Female Leaders
Female Business Leaders: Global Statistics
An Update on Workforce Diversity Statistics
What's worse for Women? The Glass Ceiling or the Broken Rung?
Are Women Empowered or Not? [video]
Gender Research Index
Week 1 Reflection Questions
Week 2: What you need to know about unconscious bias
Week 2 Journal Prompts
Unconscious Bias 101 [video]
The 12 Most Common Biases
A Modern Look at Gender Biases [video]
Can You Test for Racial (and Other) Bias? [video]
How to Combat Unconscious Bias as an Individual
Dealing with Sexual Discrimination & Self-Sabotage
The Double-Bind Of The Female Boss
What To Do When White Women Aren't Allies At Work
Effective Gender Communication
How Female Leaders Can Reduce Discrimination and Harassment
How Men Can Reduce Bias in the Workplace
Week 2 Reflection Questions
Week 3: Personal Brand Strategies for Women
Week 3 Journaling Prompts
Create A Personal Vision of Success
Decide to Be Visible
Want An Executive Job? Get Out Of The Weeds
Create a Confidence-Boosting List of Your Accomplishments
Presentation Tips I
Presentation Tips II
How to be a Thought Leader
Cultivate Mentors AND Sponsors
Tips for Attracting an Executive Sponsor
Personal Branding Tips & Traps
Is the Best Leadership Masculine or Feminine? [video]
Leadership "Truths" Women Should Ignore
Leadership Lessons From Top Female Executives
Week 3 Reflection Questions
Week 4: Authentic Strategies for Leading & Managing Others
Week 4 Journal Prompts
Succeeding In Your First Management Job
Develop Your Leadership Practice
Emotions vs. Emotional Intelligence
Women, Emotional Intelligence & Leadership
5 Tips to Strengthen Your Self-Efficacy
Time Management to Avoid Burn Out
Conflict Management 101
Leadership Myths About Coaching Others
Leadership Mistakes
TIPS: Executive Communications
TIPS: Hiring the Modern Workforce
TIPS: Change Management
TIPS: Employee Engagement
Week 4 Reflection Questions
Week 5: Dodge the Imposter Syndrome
Week 5 Journaling Prompts
What is the Imposter Syndrome? [video]
Exploring the Imposter Syndrome [video]
Leadership, the Imposter Syndrome, and being REAL
Tame Your Emotional Triggers
3 Steps to Confidence
What if They Still Don't Take You Seriously?
Take Back Your Power (Part I)
Take Back Your Power (Part II)
Take Back Your Power (Part II)
7 Ways to Use Your Power
Week 5 Reflection Prompts
Week 6: your Authentic Feminine Leadership Career Plan
Week 6 Journaling Prompts
How Long Should You Stay At A Job?
When Should You Begin a Job Search?
Go for Your Dream Job
The Best Careers, Fields & Companies for Women
Networking for Your Dream Job
Tips for Networking Success
Mika Brzezinski & Daniela Pierre: career advice [video]
How to Successfully Negotiate Your Salary
Your Career Is A Journey
Week 6 Reflection "Step 1-2-3 Career Planning"
You've completed the Authentic Feminine Leadership Course. Now What?
A note from Dana
“As a young professional, I’m always on the lookout for strategies to help me enhance my interpersonal and leadership skills. So many tools available today are too theoretical and not easily transferable to real life situations, but InPower is different. Using these resources, it’s easier for me to communicate effectively, and I’m not as intimidated. I highly recommend InPower materials and techniques to anyone who wants to hone their communication and leadership skills.” 
K.R., RN and International Health Professional

Meet the Coach: Dana Theus

Dana Theus is an executive and career coach specializing in helping you activate your highest potential to succeed and to shine. With her support emerging and established leaders take powerful, high-road shortcuts to developing their authentic leadership style and discovering new levels of confidence and impact. Leveraging a 25+ year career on the front lines of business, Dana has worked for Fortune 50 companies, entrepreneurial tech startups, government and military agencies