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Career Coaching & Personal Brand Advice

Having coached hundreds of people into success and through new jobs at every level, I understand that career development is never-ending. This comprehensive course has some of my best advice on how to manage your career at every stage. Included in InPower Free and Essentials  memberships.

Advice for every stage of your career

Over the years coaching people to success in leadership roles, new management responsibilities and job searches I've been asked many of the same questions many, many times! This program reflects my best advice for the most common questions I receive at every career stage.

Get access to this comprehensive library of advice for every stage of your career. This collection of tips and examples is packed full of career advice, and you don't need to take it all in at once. You can complete any sections that are applicable to your current needs, and revisit this course as your situation changes. Here are the topics we'll cover:

  • Building Your Personal Brand: The best way to build a career you love is to create a reputation built on both your past accomplishments and future potential. Get intentional about your personal brand to attract new opportunities, build your influence and position yourself for your next big thing. 
  • Leading and Managing Teams: It's not enough to tell people what to do. To lead your team to success, you need to engage their talent and earn their loyalty. Become a transformational leader to get the best out of your team, and out of yourself.
  • Managing Workplace Stress: When you're suffering from workplace stress and vulnerable to difficult people, you can't play at the top of your game. Develop the emotional intelligence skills that will help you create a strong personal brand while also helping you balance work-life demands.
  • Career Planning: Feeling restless at work is a good sign it's time to get intentional about your future. Becoming proactive about your career will ensure that you make your next move at the right time, in the right way, to get the job of your dreams.
  • Looking for a Job: Looking for job is like ordering something online, right? Nope. The best jobs aren't online and when you know how to find them, you can have your dream job in no time.
  • Interviewing & Offer Negotiations: A good interview and offer negotiation can increase your lifetime income by tens of thousands of dollars. A bad interview can put your dream job farther out of reach. Here are tips to help you prepare to interview and negotiate with confidence.

How it works: Dive into the section most "up: for you right now. Take the advice to heart. Come back again in the future to peruse other topics that interest you when the time is right.
“I reach out to Dana whenever I have a big decision or a big career move to make. She has an uncanny way of always helping me tap exactly the right thought, perspective or belief within me to achieve the next stage of my career success. She recently advised me on making the biggest move of my career. With the confidence she helped me find inside myself I landed not only the job of my dreams, but the salary I deserve.”
K.A., University Executive

What's included?

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A Message from Dana
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Building Your Personal Brand
Why invest in Your Personal Brand?
64.1 KB
What is a Personal Brand?
13.1 KB
3 Keys to Personal Branding Success
10.5 KB
#1 MISTAKE: Networking
#1 TIP: Build Your Network into a Business Asset [Susan's Story]
#2 MISTAKE: LinkedIn
#2 Tip: Evaluate Your Success by the Opportunities it Creates for You
#3 MISTAKE: Your employer's brand
#3 TIP: Align with Your Employers Brand [Amy's Story]
#4 MISTAKE: Career-only Goals
#4 TIP: Blend Your Personal Brand/Career Goals with Your Life Goals
#5 MISTAKE: Your Comfort Zone
#5 TIP: Dance Strategically in Your Stretch Zone
How Ali's Personal Brand Accidently Got Him His Dream Job
Personal Brand Checklist. [PDF]
83.6 KB
Personal Brand Coaching Webinar
(1h 01m 12s)
Leading & Managing Teams
Why Should You Be a Transformational Leader?
13.4 KB
3 Keys to Transformational Leadership Success
27.6 KB
#1 MISTAKE: Anxiety
#1 TIP: Detrigger Your Emotions
#2 MISTAKE: You're Too Good
#2 TIP: Engage Your Team [Joe's Story]
#3 MISTAKE: Stop Looking to Role Models
#3 TIP: Challenge Yourself
#4 MISTAKE: So Serious...
#4 TIP: Humor & Gratitude
#5 MISTAKE: The Wrong Stretch Zone
#5 TIP: Find The Right Edge
How Simon Snatched Victory from the Jaws of Overwhelm
Transformational Leadership Guide [PDF]
215 KB
Managing Stress & Difficult People
Why Use Workplace Stress to Create Career Success and Build Healthy Livelong Habits?
13.2 KB
3 Keys to Dealing with Stress & Difficult People at Work
30.7 KB
#1 MISTAKE: Complaining When You Have the Right
#1 TIP: Detrigger - NOW
#2 MISTAKE: Locking in Your Bad Habits
#2 TIP: Reframe Success - Live
#3 MISTAKE: Overpowered by Overwhelm
#3 TIP: Revv Up Your "Right Brain"
#4 MISTAKE: Getting Dragged Down
#4 TIP: Let Difficult People Be
#5 MISTAKE: You Can Tough it Out
#5 TIP: Manage Forever with Today
Pat's Trip From the Frying Pan into the Fire
5 Mistakes to Avoid in Managing Stress and Difficult People
Career-Life Balance Checklist [PDF]
126 KB
Career Planning
Why Do Career Planning?
14.1 KB
3 Keys to Career Planning & Work-Life Success
48.2 KB
#1 MISTAKE: Not Staying Competitive
#1 TIP: Always Be Looking
#2 MISTAKE: Underestimating Your Marketability
#2 TIP: Job vs. Career
#3 MISTAKE: Ignoring the Hidden Job Market
#3 TIP: Focus on Exactly What You Want
#4 TIP: Under Aspiring
#4 TIP: Dream
#5 TIP: Ignoring LinkedIn
#5 TIP: See Your Next Job
5 Career Planning Mistakes to Avoid
Career Planning Checklist
167 KB
What Cindy Learned the Hard Way
Looking for a Job
How to Look for a Job
13.2 KB
3 Keys to Getting your Dream Job as Quickly as Possible
48.1 KB
#1 MISTAKE: Looking at Job Boards
#1 TIP: Go For It!
#2 MISTAKE: Finding What You Don't Want
#2 TIP: Don't Look Backwards
#3 MISTAKE: You Updated Your Resume
#3 TIP: Art & Science
#4 MISTAKE: Feeling Desperate
TIP #4: Make a Counter Offer (or Just Say No)
3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Job Search
How to Use Online Job Sites
Top 50 Job Sites InPower
98.1 KB
#5 MISTAKE: Paying the Bills vs. Being Happy
#5 MISTAKE: Paying the Bills vs. Being Happy
Sammi's Job Search Lesson
TIP #5: To get your dream job, you have to dream
Interviewing & Negotiating Offers
How to Interview for a Job & Negotiate Your Job Offer
13.4 KB
3 Keys to Ensuring Your Confidence in Interviews & Offer Negotiations
24.8 KB
#1 MISTAKE: Expecting a Competent Interviewer
#1 TIP: Walk in With One Piece of Paper
#2 MISTAKE: Not Talking About Money
#2 TIP: When to Talk About Money
#3 MISTAKE: Not Making a Counter Offer
#3 TIP: Do Your Homework--and Ask
Offer Negotiations Advice From Liesel
Interview & Offer Checklist [PDF]
120 KB
Getting the Help You Need
Personal Coaching FAQs
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“I reached out to Dana when I was between jobs- I had just left one position before having another lined up. Ms. Theus gave me the encouragement and (more importantly) the guidance I needed to make this situation work to my benefit.
She went above and beyond what I was expecting, and her advice gave me a clearer idea of what my career goals were and how to best pursue them. I would recommend her to anyone in need of guidance and direction in their careers. 
I ended up in a new position that was both higher in compensation and better suited to my career goals. I give Ms. Theus much of the credit for this.”
Daniel Saba, MBA Candidate & Army Officer

Meet the Coach: Dana Theus

Dana Theus is an executive and career coach specializing in helping you activate your highest potential to succeed and to shine. With her support emerging and established leaders take powerful, high-road shortcuts to developing their authentic leadership style and discovering new levels of confidence and impact. Leveraging a 25+ year career on the front lines of business, Dana has worked for Fortune 50 companies, entrepreneurial tech startups, government and military agencies