Career Planning Bundle by InPower Coaching

Career Planning Bundle

Everything you need to put together your InPower Career Plan.

Plan Your Career for the Age of Change

Career planning isn’t what it used to be. To follow the old paradigm–sending your resume around for feedback on what you can get or what you’d be good for–is outdated and exhausting.

These days, you’re lucky if you can plan your day, much less your career.

Effective career planning for the job market today means you must surf the waves of change coming at you. It requires that you get clear on what you want so you can network to attract it and search for job openings that match it. 

Included in this Plan:

#2 AMAs & Discussion Boards

Get notified of new "Ask Me Anything" coaching advice videos, weekly coach "chat" office hours and coach-moderated online discussions.

Career Character Personality Survey

Take the SVSS personality survey for insight into your best self in the workplace. (Not available for individual purchase.)

Career Coaching & Personal Brand Advice

Your career cycles between working to excel in your job today and transitioning to new opportunities before you burn-out or top-out in your 

Career Library: Career Planning/Stress Management

Not sure what your perfect job looks like? Find out! Excellent for Career Planning, Job Searching, Networking and Personal Reflections.

Tool: Career-Defining Accomplishments

Learn how to frame your most career defining accomplishments to use in networking, resumes, job applications and interviews. learn more

Happy Clients

“Working with Dana on career planning, resume and cover letter writing helped me decide how I really wanted to further my career, despite this setback. Her online platform allowed me to take a deep dive into how to think during my transition. I made the decision to change career paths. I couldn’t have made this leap without Dana’s help.“
Jared Stamcombe, Civic Digital Fellow
“InPower Coaching worksheets are excellent. Using her materials, I came to some very powerful realizations, that helped clear up some of the options I have been considering and helped me resolve into one focused goal for my job search.”
Marilyn N., International Health Logistics Leader

Meet the Coach: Dana Theus

Dana Theus is an executive and career coach specializing in helping you activate your highest potential to succeed and to shine. With her support emerging and established leaders take powerful, high-road shortcuts to developing their authentic leadership style and discovering new levels of confidence and impact. Leveraging a 25+ year career on the front lines of business, Dana has worked for Fortune 50 companies, entrepreneurial tech startups, government and military agencies