InPower Meeting Management

Turn "death by meeting" into a thing of the past. In just three lessons you will learn to run the most time-efficient and focused meetings possible. Build your leadership and personal brand while up-leveling your personal power and impact. 
Syllabus and suggested readings.
Introduction to InPower Meetings
13 mins
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Recommended Viewing & Reading
Lesson 1: Successful Meeting Criteria & Meeting Intentions
Learn what makes a meeting successful 
14 mins
Homework: InPower Meeting Intentions
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Optional: Reflect with Your Coach
Lesson 2: Meeting Planning Framework
How to plan an effective meeting
17 mins
Homework: Meeting Planning Template & Scoring
179 KB
Optional: Reflect with Your Coach
Lesson 3: Troubleshooting Common Meeting Derailments
18 mins
Homework: Overcoming Common Meeting Challenges
135 KB
Optional: Reflect with Your Coach