Emotional Detriggering by InPower Coaching

Emotional Detriggering

Are emotional triggers undermining your success and adding stress to your life? Free yourself from your emotional triggers! Also available in a Free Membership.

How do you know when you’re emotionally triggered?

When you’re emotionally triggered you don’t have the control to choose how you react to others around you. All the stress reduction in the world can’t help you if your emotional triggers cause you to react uncontrollably to situations you can't change. What does this mean in practice regarding your work and personal relationships? It means that you struggle with the following kinds of situations:

  • you frequently feel angry, anxious and vulnerable
  • you say things you don’t mean and don’t know how to “fix” the resultant problems in your relationships
  • you spend a ton of energy trying to hide your feelings from others
  • you’re not as good at managing conflict as you want to be and accidentally perpetuate unproductive relationships and situations
  • you are upset that you are not spending your energy getting ahead as often as you want to
  • your most important relationships aren’t as positive and supportive as you want them to be (for either of you)
  • you frequently miscommunicate with others and aren’t sure why or how to be clearer
  • your anxiety holds you back from feeling confident to put your authentic self forward in challenging situations
"I am finding the detriggering really valuable. I am learning how many aspects of relationships are not due to me/my behavior, but other people’s baggage. Amazing! I have such a weight off of me now."
Angela L., Senior Marketing Professional

What's included?

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Message from Dana
1 Minute Intro to Emotional Triggers
1 min
Why is learning to release your emotional triggers so important?
Aren't we supposed to keep emotions out of the workplace?
Why are emotional triggers so hard to get rid of?
Lesson 1: Judgment
A Message From Dana
Examples: Releasing Thought Pattern of Judgement
Becoming Conscious of The Judgement Habit
Lesson 2: Attachment
A Message from Dana
Examples: Releasing Thought Pattern of Attachment
What does it feel like to let go of attachment?
Lesson 3: Your Triggers
A Message from Dana
George Finds His Triggers
Free Yourself
Release Your Triggers Now

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"After detriggering, I went from a place of toxic anger to neutrality, even positivity!"
L.S., Sr. Food Manufacturing Scientist

Meet the Coach: Dana Theus

Dana Theus is an executive and career coach specializing in helping you activate your highest potential to succeed and to shine. With her support emerging and established leaders take powerful, high-road shortcuts to developing their authentic leadership style and discovering new levels of confidence and impact. Leveraging a 25+ year career on the front lines of business, Dana has worked for Fortune 50 companies, entrepreneurial tech startups, government and military agencies