Tool: Emotional Detriggering on Demand by InPower Coaching

Tool: Emotional Detriggering on Demand

Emotional freedom in one week (or less)! Learn the InPowerful Art of Emotional Detriggering to destress your life and relationships – now! Also included in the InPower Toolkit.

What can emotional detriggering do for you?

Better Relationships

By detriggering before responding to others, you will easily focus on resolving issues rather than responding to emotional stress. Detriggering starts a virtuous cycle of productive relationship dynamics. Why? Because when you’re detriggered, you’ll trigger other people less often, and this means they’ll trigger you less often, too! 

Clear Communications

When your mind is clear of emotional triggers, you’ll effortlessly become more objective, making it easier to say exactly what you mean and hear others’ intentions without judgment or attachment distorting your ability to listen.

Less Stress, More Productivity

When you’re emotionally clear of the doubt, anxiety and mental chatter of your triggers, you’ll gain back energy to focus on what matters most. The better solutions will naturally become visible to you and your INpowered choices will flow more easily.

Why do I believe so strongly in emotional detriggering?

I give detriggering to almost every VIP coaching client for a reason – it helps you immediately relieve the stress of misaligned thoughts, feelings and relationships. It immediately frees you up to focus on the challenges before you with a clearer mind and heart.

I have developed this program based on personal experience, research and coaching hundreds of clients just like you. I’ve successfully applied this technique with individuals and groups across industries and company size, and I’ve been deeply touched by the personal transformations they’ve told me that detriggering can have on their lives. 

This program is so powerful that I want to give it to everyone, even if you’re not my coaching client, so I’m excited to offer it to you here online at an extremely affordable rate. I can’t wait to hear how detriggering improves your relationships and emotional well-being.

Dana Theus

Executive & Career Coach
"During conflict situations, I often found myself easily frustrated and not able to convey my point effectively. InPower Coaching detriggering lessons helped me gain a better understand of what triggers me to become frustrated, and now I can take action to clear them. With this new ability, I was able to improve a difficult relationship by approaching conflict in a more calm and productive manner. The detriggering tool is a great addition to my personal tool box. Having this tool gives me confidence knowing that I have something that I can fall back on whenever I need to."
J. Voss, Project Manager

What's included?

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How it Works
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Before You're Triggered
Lesson 1: Understanding Your Emotional Triggers
6 mins
Prepare for a Situation That Usually Triggers You
6 mins
Releasing a Trigger
Lesson 2: Detrigger Yourself!
12 mins
Lesson 3: Expose Yourself To A Triggering Situation
5 mins
After you're triggered
Lesson 4: Continue Detriggering To Find Emotional Balance
6 mins
Continuing the work

Get more for less....

InPower Coaching believes in giving you maximum value! This program is also included in the following product bundles and subscriptions at a reduced rate:

"Before I started working with InPower Coaching detriggering I was struggling with confidently getting my ideas across and standing for them without appearing to be aggressive or authoritarian. My communication patterns made it difficult for me to work effectively in a team. It was seriously affecting my personal and professional relations. I had even decided to become silent in important meetings and situations, convinced that I was born to keep quiet. Fundamentally my life changed after my 2nd InPower session when I started detriggering. I quickly saw how my communication shapes how I am perceived by the people I interact with. I now react to people very differently and people in my personal and professional life seem delighted to talk with me – even if we disagree! I am totally in control of my emotions and communicate clearly with confidence during my meetings with senior officials. My close relatives, my supervisor and my colleagues wished I had done this work before!"
L. Halima Gambo, Economist

Meet the Coach: Dana Theus

Dana Theus is an executive and career coach specializing in helping you activate your highest potential to succeed and to shine. With her support emerging and established leaders take powerful, high-road shortcuts to developing their authentic leadership style and discovering new levels of confidence and impact. Leveraging a 25+ year career on the front lines of business, Dana has worked for Fortune 50 companies, entrepreneurial tech startups, government and military agencies
"Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
Victor Frankl, Neurologist & Holocaust Survivor