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Emotional Detriggering

When you’re emotionally triggered you don’t have the control to choose how you react to others around you.

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#3 Group Coaching & Webinar Recordings

Webinar recordings in Career Development, Leader Self-Care, Communications and People Management skills. Live webinar attendance included.

InPower Toolkit

Get all 4 InPower Tools in one place to help you get a become an influential leader and be visible for your highest potential.

Tool: Emotional Detriggering on Demand

Learn the InPowerful Art of
Emotional Detriggering to destress your life and relationships – now!

Tool: Career-Defining Accomplishments

Learn how to frame your most career defining accomplishments to use in networking, resumes, job applications and interviews. learn more

Tool: Become a Master Influencer

Great leaders are master influencers. With this proven system, you’ll learn emotionally intelligent strategies for persuasion.

Tool: 7 Strategies to Attract an Executive Sponsor

Research shows that mentors aren't enough to get you to the executive suite. You also need an Execuitve Sponsor to reach the top. 

InPower Meditations & Reflections

Guided sessions for stress relief, productivity and focus. Activate your right brain to help you find focus and productivity.

Career Coaching & Personal Brand Advice

Your career cycles between working to excel in your job today and transitioning to new opportunities before you burn-out or top-out in your 

Authentic Feminine Leadership - On-Demand Journal Course

Grab a journal and take your leadership impact to the next level! In 6-weeks, you’ll fully envision yourself as the strong leader you are.

#2 AMAs & Discussion Boards

Get notified of new "Ask Me Anything" coaching advice videos, weekly coach "chat" office hours and coach-moderated online discussions.