InPower Toolkit by InPower Coaching

InPower Toolkit

Everything you need to boost your personal power--authentically!--to maximize your personal and professional potential. Also available in an InPower Essentials membership.

What's included?

Tool: 7 Strategies to Attract an Executive Sponsor

Research shows that mentors aren't enough to get you to the executive suite. You also need an Execuitve Sponsor to reach the top. 

Tool: Become a Master Influencer

Great leaders are master influencers. With this proven system, you’ll learn emotionally intelligent strategies for persuasion.

Tool: Career-Defining Accomplishments

Learn how to frame your most career defining accomplishments to use in networking, resumes, job applications and interviews. learn more

Tool: Emotional Detriggering on Demand

Learn the InPowerful Art of
Emotional Detriggering to destress your life and relationships – now!

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