InPower Meditations & Reflections by InPower Coaching

InPower Meditations & Reflections

Guided sessions for stress relief, productivity and focus. Activate your right brain to help you find focus, productivity and high-road shortcuts to achieving your potential.

Why Meditate?

1. Relax

In our guided meditations, you’ll learn quick and powerful ways to feel centered, no matter what the day brings.

2. Find Focus

Release useless worries and anxieties for a clearer mind and heart. Learn to apply this clarity and focus to areas of greatest impact in your life and work.

3. Lead Higher

Use your improved clarity to lead and be with others more effectively with intention, patience and strength.

Your Guide

“When I left the corporate life for the ups and downs of entrepreneurship 20 years ago, I soon realized that to work-at-home and take responsibility for my own success required me to think differently. Daily meditation and reflection quickly became my lifeline. 

Along the way I learned ways to apply my centering practice to my career and my work. Through learning to  set my intentions with clarity I’ve achieved more success than I could have imagined.

In this program I will teach you the core meditation and visualization practice I’ve used successfully for over 15 years, the essentials of InPower.”

- Dana Theus, Executive Coach
"The InPower Meditation program helped me find a way to manage the paced urgency of change for the remote work day ahead of me by quieting my mind, focusing on setting intention(s), acceptance, and reflection on what I’ve done at work and what I can do differently. I intend to go back through the program again to reinforce what I’ve learned and spend more time with the reflection questions. I’m glad that I committed to this program and look forward to repeating it again for deeper understanding."
M.C., M.D.

Program Outline

Week 1: Centering


Week 2: Clarity

releasing resistance
loving kindness

Week 3: Intention


Week 4: Impact

highest good
your gifts

Bonus Material

daily Focus
weekly recordings

What's included?

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Introduction to InPower Meditations & Reflections
Do FIRST: Program Checklist
Do SECOND: Sign the Participation Agreement
Should you join our free weekly meditations?
Introduction to InPower Meditation [25 min Video FAQs]
26 mins
Introduction to Meditation: INPower Breathing (10 min)
11 mins
Introduction to Meditation: INPower Grounding (10 min)
11 mins
Introduction to Meditation: INPower Bubble (10 min)
11 mins
2020 Weekly Meditations
Weekly Meditation Call in and Reminder Info
Bonus Meditation: Your energy meter (5 min)
6 mins
Most Recent Weekly Recording: November 27, 2020
31 mins
Begin your daily meditations!
Day 1 Breath & Body
31 mins
Day 2 Grounding
31 mins
Day 3 Centering Heart Flower
31 mins
Day 4 Your Protective Bubble
31 mins
Day 5 Connecting to All Life
31 mins
Day 6 Reflection on the week
Day 7 Reading (Optional)
Bonus Meditation: Centering & Clearing
31 mins
Day 8 Becoming Clear
31 mins
Day 9 Releasing Resistance
31 mins
Day 10 Loving Kindness 1
31 mins
Day 11 Loving Kindness II
27 mins
Day 12 Gratitude
31 mins
Day 13 Reflection on the week
Day 14 Detriggering Exercise (Optional)
Day 15 Daily Intention
31 mins
Day 16 Meeting Intentions
26 mins
Day 17 Weekly Intention
31 mins
Day 18 Project Intentions
31 mins
Day 19 Seasonal Intention
32 mins
Day 20 Reflection on the week
Day 21 Daily Intentions (Optional)
Day 22 Leadership Identity
31 mins
Day 23 Leading in Relationship
31 mins
Day 24 Leading Through the Higher Good
31 mins
Day 25 Updating Your Story
30 mins
Day 26 Your Gift
31 mins
Day 27 Reflection on the week
Day 28 Reflections on the program
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"Dana’s unique daily meditation program helps me find my inner calm AND tap deep insights about how an effective, empowering day should look and feel. I feel both more relaxed and more ready for anything that might come my way."
Cindy Atlee, Entrepreneur & Coach

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