#3 Group Coaching & Webinar Recordings by InPower Coaching

#3 Group Coaching & Webinar Recordings

Monthly group coaching calls and webinar recordings and 25+ webinars on career, leadership, management and self-care. Included in InPower Essentials and Unlimited memberships.

What's included?

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How it Works
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2020-to-2021 InPower Fresh Start!
2020 LET IT GO: How To Marie Kondo your Job
7 mins
26 mins
Personal Development Planning
Buzzword: Upskilling Yourself
3 mins
How to Light Up Your Soul at Work
59 mins
Personal Development Planning
40 mins
Recorded Webinars: Career Development
Personal Brand & Career Planning with Your Career Character
(1h 01m 12s)
How to Tell What They Really Think of You
31 mins
Buzzword: Digital Disruption
3 mins
Using LinkedIn Effectively
28 mins
Easy Personal Networking
9 mins
Career Development in Your Current Job
35 mins
How to Negotiate a Raise
56 mins
Attract Sponsors: Do a 360 on Yourself
8 mins
Recorded Webinars: Leader Self-Care
Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time
8 mins
Daily Productivity Planning
36 mins
Work-at-home Pros, Cons & Tips
59 mins
Tips for Dealing with Difficult People
7 mins
Motivational Goal-Setting
16 mins
Mindfulness Tips & Resources
14 mins
How to Build Resilience & Overcome Failure
60 mins
Recorded Webinars: Communications Skills
InPower Language Tricks for Powerful Communication
11 mins
Developing Your Confidence, Voice & Presence
20 mins
Gendered Communication & How to Take Advantage of It
37 mins
Negotiation Tips
24 mins
How to Succeed in Virtual Teams
150 KB
Persuasive Communication in Large Organizations
17 mins
Recorded Webinars: Management Toolbox
BUZZWORD: Unconscious Bias
4 mins
Agile Thinking for Techies and Non-Techie Leaders
25 mins
Leading & Managing in the Age of Automation
44 mins
Keeping Yourself & Others Accountable
25 mins
Introduction to Situational Leadership
Why People "Hate Change" & What to do About it
27 mins
Strategic Planning in a Box
67.7 KB
How to be a Thought Leader
34 mins
How to Lead with Practical Consensus
19 mins

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