InPower Meeting Management

Learn to conduct more focused meetings that leverage people’s time & energy, while building your leadership brand. Includes bonuses!

Whitepaper: Creating Space for Change

This rich exploration of the human side of change leadership includes detailed models of both the internal and external processes of change.

Tool: 7 Strategies to Attract an Executive Sponsor

Research shows that mentors aren't enough to get you to the executive suite. You also need an Execuitve Sponsor to reach the top. 

Tool: Become a Master Influencer

Great leaders are master influencers. With this proven system, you’ll learn emotionally intelligent strategies for persuasion.

Leadership Library: Total Package [All Programs]

Coaching lessons to help you master emotionally intelligent strategies for personal impact, communication and leadership. Value: $200

Leadership Library: Personal Mastery & Personal Brand Development (CP 1-18)

Videos & workbooks to help you manage stress, communicate effectively and develop a visible and authentic personal brand.

Leadership Library: Executive Development (CP 19-30)

Videos & workbooks to help you manage teams, build strong cultures and step into executive levels of leadership.