Leadership Library: Executive Development (CP 19-30) by InPower Coaching

Leadership Library: Executive Development (CP 19-30)

Key lessons to help you manage teams, lead change, build strong cultures and step into executive levels of leadership. Also included in the Leadership Library Total Package.
“InPower Coaching changed how I do my job and how I approach change. I lead and manage my team very differently today, gaining everyone’s buy-in and commitment on a regular basis.”
Martin K., Regional Manager

What You'll Learn

Videos and workbooks help you bring teams into alignment around change and guide the organizational culture into productivity.

  • Achieve team alignment and consensus
  • Learn to manage and motivate key stakeholders to support you
  • Set and manage empowering goals for your team
  • Establish healthy management hierarchies in your organization
  • Coach others to greater performance and ability
  • "See" your organization's culture and lead the effort to change it
“As a professional charting a new course, I struggled with making change and getting buy-in in a field that constantly requires it. While working with Dana and InPower Coaching materials in a leadership development capacity, I learned it is critical to understand what is important to others and to gain alignment, before working to move forward. Armed with these new strategies, I’m already seeing more engagement with others in the company, and I am seeing early success in leading others to take ownership in the change process.”
L. Haas, Marketing Manager, Major Food Manufacturer

What's included?

Video Icon 14 videos Text Icon 1 text file


Preparing for Executive Leadership
Create Your InPower Leadership Development Plan
Mastering Change
Introduction to Change Leadership Skills
6 mins
CORE PRACTICE 19: Group Grounding
13 mins
CORE PRACTICE 20: Group Compact
12 mins
CORE PRACTICE 21: Motivation, Messaging and Persuasion
16 mins
CORE PRACTICE 22: Enrolling Sponsors
14 mins
CORE PRACTICE 23: Group Intentions
17 mins
CORE PRACTICE 24: Self-Other Growth
9 mins
Cultural Stewardship
INPOWER INTRO: Cultural Stewardship
6 mins
CORE PRACTICE 25: Ends vs. Means Goal Setting
15 mins
CORE PRACTICE 26: Governance
14 mins
CORE PRACTICE 27: Coaching Formula
42 mins
CORE PRACTICE 28: Holding Space for Discomfort
14 mins
CORE PRACTICE 29: Culture Mapping
14 mins
CORE PRACTICE 30: Culture Touchpoint Leadership
21 mins

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“This program is a gift, I wish that I would have had this in my former company. Tthe experience, stress and dealing with all of the wild cards, team members and myself would have been so much better had I been equipped with the concepts covered in these materials. I am really appreciating all of it!”
D.C., Regional Manager, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Meet the Coach: Dana Theus

Dana Theus is an executive and career coach specializing in helping you activate your highest potential to succeed and to shine. With her support emerging and established leaders take powerful, high-road shortcuts to developing their authentic leadership style and discovering new levels of confidence and impact. Leveraging a 25+ year career on the front lines of business, Dana has worked for Fortune 50 companies, entrepreneurial tech startups, government and military agencies