Leadership Library: Personal Mastery & Personal Brand Development (CP 1-18) by InPower Coaching

Leadership Library: Personal Mastery & Personal Brand Development (CP 1-18)

Tools to help you manage stress, communicate effectively and develop a visible and authentic personal brand. Great resource for leaders, managers and individual contributors to step into their personal leadership potential. Also included in the Leadership Library Total Package.
“As a young professional, I’m always on the lookout for tools and strategies to help me enhance my interpersonal and leadership skills. So many tools available today are too theoretical and not easily transferable to real life situations, but InPower Coaching is different. After my time with InPower Coaching, it’s not only easier for me to communicate effectively about sensitive issues, but I’m also not as intimidated by those conversations as I was before. I highly recommend InPower Coaching to anyone who wants to hone their communication and leadership skills. The time spent with InPower is worth it!”
K.R., RN and International Health Professional

What You'll Learn

Videos and workbooks to help you reduce your stress, raise your profile and communicate more clearly.

  • Learn how to release the triggers that hold back your confidence
  • Gain simple techniques to manage your todo list and focus on what matters
  • Manage your energy to reduce stress
  • Set a career/life intention and vision
  • Learn techniques to thrive in your stretch zone
  • Raise your visibility with thought leadership and intentional networking
  • Build stronger communications habits, including giving and receiving feedback
  • learn how to negotiate to transform conflict into win-win opportunities

“The Energy Integrity lesson came at a great time this week as I was pulled a bunch of different directions with competing priorities. I was conscious about choosing my commitments and I was able to ADD additional activities to my week. I was able to accomplish more and was happier about what I was doing, which helped to round out a great week!”
E.B., Sr. Manager, Microsoft

What's included?

Video Icon 23 videos Text Icon 1 text file


Personal Mastery for Professional Success
6 mins
Create Your InPower Leadership Development Plan
CORE PRACTICE 1: Commitment & Grounding
6 mins
CORE PRACTICE 2: Emotional Detriggering
15 mins
12 mins
CORE PRACTICE 3: Daily Intentions
12 mins
CORE PRACTICE 4: Energy Integrity Formula
20 mins
CORE PRACTICE 5: Transforming Beliefs
11 mins
CORE PRACTICE 6: Mindfulness at Work
15 mins
Personal Branding & Presence
INPOWER INTRO: Career Development & Personal Branding
4 mins
CORE PRACTICE 7: Personal Vision
8 mins
CORE PRACTICE 8: Life/Work Intentions
9 mins
CORE PRACTICE 9: Personal Leadership Style
11 mins
CORE PRACTICE 10: Thriving in Your Stretch Zone
12 mins
CORE PRACTICE 11: "Big Idea" Thought Leadership
20 mins
CORE PRACTICE 12: Personal Networking Plan
11 mins
10 mins
Communications & Relationship
INPOWER INTRO: InPower Communications & Relationships
5 mins
CORE PRACTICE 13: InPower Language
18 mins
CORE PRACTICE 14: Giving/Receiving Feedback
17 mins
CORE PRACTICE 15: Listening/Clarifying Meaning
16 mins
CORE PRACTICE 16: Transforming Conflict
12 mins
CORE PRACTICE 17: Relationship Agreements
23 mins
CORE PRACTICE 18: Negotiations Mapping
12 mins

Get more for less....

InPower Coaching believes in giving you maximum value! This program is also included in the following product bundles and subscriptions at a reduced rate:
“The business world teaches us to define our value in terms of what we’ve done. Dana has taught me how to fully embrace my all of my skills, including both the hard and soft. Now I’m able to share my value confidently based on who I am rather than trying to muster up the so-called confidence I thought I needed to be better able to “brag” about what I’ve done. I always believed real self-confidence comes from being your authentic self. Now I’ve begun to experience how self-promotion can come from the same place!”
Susan Mazza, CEO & Entrepreneur
“When my company started working with InPower tools, I was feeling stressed. The more time I spent working, the less productive and more frustrated I was becoming. Worse, I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing my personal, non-work goals either.
I didn’t really expect the huge impact I’ve found.; these tools have been truly transformative. I feel like I am doing more, and more significant, work than I was 3 months ago. 
I’ve been reflecting on what’s made the biggest change, and I think it’s the fact that by using the step-by-step exercises it’s helping me focus on high-value initiatives that result in greater efficiencies or growth among the team.”
Melissa Caravella, VP of Client Services

Meet the Coach: Dana Theus

Dana Theus is an executive and career coach specializing in helping you activate your highest potential to succeed and to shine. With her support emerging and established leaders take powerful, high-road shortcuts to developing their authentic leadership style and discovering new levels of confidence and impact. Leveraging a 25+ year career on the front lines of business, Dana has worked for Fortune 50 companies, entrepreneurial tech startups, government and military agencies