Whitepaper: Creating Space for Change by InPower Coaching

Whitepaper: Creating Space for Change

This rich exploration of the human side of change leadership includes detailed models of both the internal and external processes of change. Using these insights you will deliver your projects and lead teams more successfully. Also available with a Free InPower membership.

What's included?

Here’s what you'll find in this 30 page PDF White Paper on Change Leadership and Management:
  • Recent research findings on change success and failure rates
  • 6 common factors in why change efforts fail
  • Distinctions between the “art” and “science” of change
  • Distinctions between a change manager and a change master
  • A 9 step model for organizational change management
  • A 10 step model for personal change
  • Personalized change leadership coaching advice to 4 key personas: Sponsor, Change Team, Key Stakeholders & Consultant

What's included?

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Creating Space for Change [PDF]
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"I’m already seeing more engagement "

“As a professional charting a new course, I struggled with making change and getting buy-in in a field that constantly requires it. While working the concepts in this material I learned it is critical to understand what is important to others and to gain alignment, before working to move forward. Armed with these new strategies, I’m already seeing more engagement with others in the company, and I am seeing early success in leading others to take ownership in the change process.”
Laurel H., Marketing Manager Major Food Manufacturer