Why does equity matter?
September 16, 2020
What is Pay Equity and why is it so important to helping you figure out if you're being paid fairly? Why is it so critical to helping us reach our  goals of diversity, equity and inclusion?

“Equity for you is equity for all. - Dana Theus”

How do you know you're being paid fairly? You really don't if you have no insight into what other people are being paid. Equity is a concept that fundamentally requires comparison, and data with which to make comparisons.

And experience has taught us in the workplace that there we won't achieve actual diversity and inclusion without efforts to create pay equity. Pay equity acts as a check against the natural human tendencies towards unconscious bias.

But sharing salary information makes us inherently uncomfortable. Even if we want to know we're being treated and paid fairly, we feel anxiety about such comparisons. It's a conundrum.

I explore this conundrum, and what it means to you and your employer, in my latest blog on InPower Coaching, Pay Equity: Why it's so Critical to Diversity and Inclusion Efforts.

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Be well. Stay safe.

Dana Theus
Executive Coach

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