Can Every Day Be A Fresh Start?
November 09, 2020
What's so special about today? Is it really possible for a "fresh start" anytime?

No. It's not.

I just finished my second move in a year.

It was exhausting.

I worked almost every day through it all.

Every client call. Every Zoom call. Every meeting and conversation. I did my best to get to center. I did my best to conjure a "fresh" mindset.

I don't think I dropped any balls (you tell me!), yet I never really got to the "freshness" of mindset I'm experiencing today, now that most of the boxes are unpacked.

We can always do a lot to control our experience. AND. Some of our experience is out of our control.

Life happens.

Enjoy the ride!

What's your experience today? Are you driving the car or along for the ride? Share it in comments below or on one of our social outpost channels on SLACK, LINKEDIN or FACEBOOK.

Be well. Stay safe.

Dana Theus
Executive Coach

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