Personal Brand Coaching Webinar by InPower Coaching

Personal Brand Coaching Webinar

Starts Jun 22, 2020 at 3:00 PM EDT

Does “planning” your career give you anxiety instead of giving you energy? Cindy and Dana give you a personal brand coaching lesson for an instant boost of energy and clarity about who you are in your career, what activates your potential, how to present yourself in networking — and what job will get you to the next level most authentically! Also included in the InPower Essentials membership.

Live Coaching Examples

See what Jennifer did with her personal brand!
By tapping into her career character, Jennifer found new energy for a LinkedIn and networking refresh that brings out her truest gifts and positions her for her most meaningful work. Learn about the process she followed and see her results!

Do You Recognize Your Career Character?

Leverage the Power of Narrative Intelligence to Light Up Your Soul and Your Career Path
Did you know there are 12 easy ways you can connect to your most meaningful career motivations? Each one of us has a unique connection profile based on characters we all know and love from stories that are as old as time.

Most personality profiles boil you down to a few letters – DISC, MBTI, NEO, MVTI, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Trying to sort out what they’re telling you about yourself, much less what kind of job will give you meaningful purpose in life, is a real challenge. 

This is better! Which character most resembles the real you?

“This approach was exactly what I needed!"

“This approach was exactly what I needed to bring together a previously incoherent vision of myself professionally. Before working with this system, I could see bits and pieces of what I wanted to express, but there was no unifying thread. Meeting the 12 characters allowed for the creation of a platform from which to tell my story and share my message. This was the unifying thread that brought all the pieces together, and in a very compelling and authentic way.  I can even take ownership of an element I was trying to ‘get away from!’ I’m telling my personal story so much more clearly and with excitement!” – 
Colette Davenport, CEO

Your Coaches

Dana Theus

Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant and founder of InPower Coaching. Trained to administer and coach with the SVSS and Culture Talk story typing systems.

Cindy Atlee

Leadership Coach and creator of the Story Typing (SVSS) career character personality survey system.

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