Webinar Series: The Career Bliss Journey by InPower Coaching

Webinar Series: The Career Bliss Journey

Is it possible to find "career bliss" in the middle of a pandemic? YES. When COVID-19 has made everything uncertain, it's hard to imagine, but in many ways this is the perfect time to find more meaning and impact in your worklife. Join us for this FREE program to learn how! Aug 13-Sept 10, 2020. Hosted by Dana Theus (InPower Coaching) and Cindy Atlee (The Storybranding Group)

This wasn't supposed to happen...

Feeling a bit lost on your professional path? COVID-19 has thrown us all into unknown career territory. Maybe you were tossed into the job market by surprise. Maybe you’re longing for a worklife that matters more.

If this seems like exactly the wrong time for a new job, career or meaning-based way of being in your current work, we’ve got good news for you (and your career)...There IS a path through the scary forest of our current economy. There IS much greener career grass on the other side of the COVID mountain. The destination may surprise you, though! 

Follow the Bliss-Based Path

In good times and bad times, you can always get lost on the journey to truly meaningful work. The road to career bliss almost always meanders through some rough terrain and confusing scenery even when everything seems “normal.”  It’s never really a straight line. Like on any authentic journey, you’ll find the most important clues to success inside you. 

So join two expert guides--executive and career coaches Dana Theus and Cindy Atlee--on a uniquely powerful exploration of self-discovery and career action that can bring you greater success, joy and authenticity right here, right now.

Learn their proven strategy for finding career bliss and take fresh new steps on a career path that supports you financially, emotionally, intellectually and even spiritually. 



WEBINAR 1: Shift Your Mindset (8/20/20)

How to Find Worklife Bliss in a COVID-shaken World

The pandemic makes it too easy to fall into fear-based thinking about your career. We'll make the case for the perils of this career mindset (even now!). We'll share the realistic alternative that we call "career bliss," and show you how you can have it right now!

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WEBINAR 2: Change Your Approach (8/27/20)

Finding Bliss-Based Meaning In Any Career Stage

The old way of pursuing career success won't work to bring you authentic results you're likely to be excited about - especially in the pandemic. You've got to be more targeted and use your precious time and energy resources differently to find career bliss.

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WEBINAR 3: Take Inspired Action (9/3/20)

Using Bliss-based Job Search, Personal Branding & Promotion Strategies in a COVID Economy

Get the answer to the question "Now what?" You'll have all the clues to your career bliss and we'll give you guidance on how to use them to get the job, the promotion or the new kind of worklife meaning you're longing for.

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Free Personality Survey

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Story typing illuminates your workplace assets, values and gifts through a story-based lens. It will immediately connect you to important clues to your authentic identity--that gives you meaning and motivation in your work.

Meet Your Guides

Dana Theus

Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant and founder of the InPower Coaching Community. Thought leader on women's leadership and interpersonal diversity 

Cindy Atlee

Leadership Coach, Branding/Culture Consultant, Founder of The Storybranding Group and the Narrative Intelligence Collective  


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