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Worklife Reset

A six-week, “bliss-based” group coaching experience to help you authentically reset your career plan. Whether you're looking for just-the-right job, hungry for an energizing new career direction or longing for more meaning in your worklife--NOW is the perfect time to reset your career. Registration ends September 21, 2020

Program Price: $695
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Enrollment is closed

Is Your Career Ready for a Fresh Start?

Has COVID-19 hit the reset button on your job or career—whether you wanted it to or not? Do you hear the world asking for something more or something different from you at this transformative moment? Either way, you’re in good company if you feel called to give more of yourself professionally right now—and get more personal fulfillment while you do it.

Join career and leadership development experts Dana Theus and Cindy Atlee as they teach you their powerful and innovative approach to career and personal development.

In just six weeks, you’ll learn how to use our very different approach to developing your career—and find out how to truly own and give voice to your role as the central character in a powerful, universally known storyline that motivates you while attracting others. In the process, you'll unleash yourself onto your most authentic, meaningful and engaging worklife path with an updated career planning, job search or personal brand strategy that’s uniquely right for you.

Join us to discover a new, more empowered and energized sense of who you are and what you have to offer. 

Yes! Start Me Fresh!

In this six-week "bliss-based” group coaching program, we'll help you bring your “Who I am” together with your “What I do” so you can name, claim and activate a personal vision of success and contribution.

Dana and Cindy's approach to worklife bliss career planning taps you into your most genuine and accessible source of motivational energy. We combine a powerful personality survey system with an innovative blend of right- and left-brained coaching techniques for an entirely different, more authentic and engaging approach to developing yourself and your career. The result is a more energized you—a you who’s mentally, emotionally and energetically ready to bring your best self to work every day.

What's a "Bliss-based" Career Reset?

Can you find career bliss during a time of economic uncertainty, social unrest and pandemic-based upheaval? You absolutely can, because it’s not about bunny rabbits, fairy dust or continuous nirvana! Career bliss is a purpose-driven state of being that’s always available to you, throughout the ups and downs of your life or the world around you. 

In a story-based approach to human psychology, “bliss” is the process of finding, experiencing and sustaining a joyous lock step between who you are and what you do. It’s a way of engaging in your work and in your life with a commitment to being the person you’re most authentically meant to be, on the path most uniquely meant for you. It's the fastest and surest path to a worklife that lets your passion, gifts and contributions shine—and what’s more valuable in the the world right  now than people who are able to participate from a deep well of commitment and empowerment?

Here are Dana and Cindy's three key strategies for helping you find your own version of career bliss and energize your career with a fresh approach.

Honoring the Authentic You

In this empowering program, we’ve reverse engineered conventional career development wisdom by starting where other programs often end—helping you define and show up with a powerful sense of self before you decide what you’ll do or even why you might do it.  

If you feel like you’re hiding an important part of yourself at work, we’ll guide you along the authentic path to putting your best self out front!  Join us to take this very powerful step of defining and stepping into your most authentic and valuable self.  

Accessing Your Whole Brain

Our bliss-based approach to coaching stimulates both your logical and intuitive brains. This "left/right" brain framework gives you the opportunity to explore what energizes you creatively as well as how to communicate your value in ways that influences those around you. It also helps you take advantage of all of who you are—and discover that both “being” and “doing” are essential for a worklife of fulfillment and contribution. After the program you'll walk away with new "whole brained" tools for tapping your strengths and sharing them with the world.

Activating Your Narrative Intelligence

Narrative intelligence is the secret sauce of career bliss and this program! It’s an essential, differentiating professional competency that gives you something most other people don’t have—the ability to see, understand and respond to motivational patterns that unfold inside and around you, all the time (just like they do in great stories that all of us know). Running far deeper than basic “story telling” skills, narrative intelligence helps you tap into an intuitive human capacity to make meaning through a story-based framework—and become far more successful at narrating a powerful storyline for your work life.

"A Revelation"

The Worklife Reset process that Dana used to help guide me towards my authentic career story--highlighting my unique career character and story type--was a revelation. In the past, networking conversations felt like pushing a cheesy elevator speech. I now have the words, imagery and confidence when talking with potential clients about the value I bring to customer partnerships, and it's giving new energy to go after my career dreams.”
Jennifer V. Miller, The People Equation

Worklife Reset Group Coaching Program

What's Included?

Six weeks of group coaching with experienced executive and career coaches, and a wide variety of inventive, purposeful and empowering support resources.
  • Expert and energizing coaching team with extensive experience in career and leadership development; personal branding and communications; positive psychology and mindfulness
  • Meditations, visualizations and journaling to tap your intuition and right-brain creativity
  • Tools, templates and worksheets to leverage your analytical mind and left-brain thought process
  • Story typing personality survey (the Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey) to reveal your true career character


  • A professional identity blueprint to form the core of your personal brand and professional presence
  • A refreshed and empowering bliss-based career intention for 2020 and beyond
  • A clear picture of who you are, what you have to offer and where you should go to make the best use of your talents, gifts and passions
  • A roadmap with specific guidance for the most effective job search strategy (and career advancement strategy)
  • An authentic and confidence-building networking story 
  • A personal brand persona you can use to update your LinkedIn so your best self shines through
  • A career development action plan to help you maintain your focus and enthusiasm for your work


  • Personal communications and messaging platform to communicate your value
  • Our job search system videos and workbooks
  • Quarterly networking planning tool
  • LinkedIn and resume-building workbooks and videos
  • Interview and offer negotiations workbooks and videos
  • Meditation & Reflection recordings

"The Unifying Thread"

“This approach was exactly what I needed to bring together a previously incoherent vision of myself professionally. Before working with this system, I could see bits and pieces of what I wanted to express, but there was no unifying thread. Meeting the 12 story type characters allowed me to tell my story and share my message. This was the unifying thread that brought all the pieces together, and in a very compelling and authentic way.  I can even take ownership of an element I was trying to ‘get away from!'”  
Colette Davenport, CEO


Register soon to get early bird pricing and be first in line when the getting started materials open up. You'll want to take the SVSS personality survey and explore the results before our first session on September 24th!

Course Outline

Worklife Reset Group Coaching Program

Getting Started: Prework Materials & Program Overview
Program Overview & Syllabus
Take the SVSS Survey
Pre-work (complete before our first session on Sept. 24th):
Understanding Your Survey Results
Introductory Webinars: Bliss Principles [videos]
Bonus: Personal Brand Coaching Webinar (introducing story types)
(1h 01m 12s)
Peer Networking Requests & Discussions
Working with Your Survey Results
Session 1: Cog vs. Wheel - Doing and Being Assets
Week 1: Grounding Yourself With an Authentic Sense of Who You Are
Download Session 1 Workbook
540 KB
HOMEWORK DISCUSSION: Share your Power Team
20 mins
Session 1 Recordings
(1h 46m 58s)
Week 2: Empowering Yourself With a Refreshed Professional Identity
Download Session 2 Workbook
1.22 MB
HOMEWORK DISCUSSION: Share your Career/Life Intention
18 mins
Session 2 Recordings
(1h 33m 22s)
Week 3: Opening “Blissed based” Doors With a Powerful Storyline and Personal Brand
Download Session 3 Workbook
515 KB
Week 3 Recordings
(2h 04m 35s)
19 mins
Week 4: Setting a Career Bliss Intention and Envisioning Your “Perfect” Job and Career
Download Session 4 Workbook
200 KB
Week 4 Webinar Recording
(1h 15m 06s)
HOMEWORK DISCUSSION: Share your urgent networking question
21 mins
Week 5: Updating Your Professional Story in Social Media, Networking and Interviews
Download Session 5 Workbook
184 KB
Week 5 Webinar Recording
(1h 22m 49s)
HOMEWORK DISCUSSION: Share your Career Bliss comfort assets
21 mins
Week 6: Creating Your Personal Bliss-Based Career Development Plan
Download Session 6 Workbook
626 KB
Session 6 Recordings
(1h 29m 36s)
HOMEWORK DISCUSSION: Share your Career Bliss Progress and Goals
22 mins


"Have you ever heard the country western lyrics “looking for love in all the wrong places?” Like Cinderella I’ve been trying to wear a caretaker’s shoe, when my story type (and career character) is really an explorer seeking new trails to blaze. This thought provoking system has helped me to develop authentic communications beyond my wildest expectations. Clarifying and identifying with my story type has broadened both the possibilities and potential for career and business growth.”
Diane Coffee

Give Yourself a Career Bliss Boost


Empower yourself to thrive in your new normal. Uplevel your authentic voice and presence to show the world that your gifts and contributions matter


Reconnect with career aspirations that excite you and energize you to step up to your greater potential. The world is asking more of you now--how will you answer the call?


Center your true self in your workplace—the best version of yourself that transcends whatever the world throws at you   


Motivate yourself with the professional purpose that fuels you and a professional promise that offers great value to others


Refresh how you show up online in LinkedIn and in person during leadership, networking and interviewing contexts


End the program with a tangible Career Bliss Action Plan to grow yourself through your work and take tangible steps to achieve your dreams

Meet Your Coaches

Dana Theus

Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant and founder of the InPower Coaching Community. Thought leader on women's leadership and interpersonal diversity

Story Type Power Team: Magician, Explorer, Creator, Lover 
Style: Intuitive, future-focused, grounded, compassionate, driven
Storyline: Helping souls activate their highest potential and helping organizations activate  their employees.
Claims to fame: Thought leader on authentic feminine leadership; creator of 150+ video/workbooks on leadership, change management and career transition.
Areas of expertise: Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Leadership, Organizational Coaching, Corporate Culture Change/Change Leadership, Soft-Skills Training, Executive Team Development, Executive Meeting Facilitation
Previous roles: Leadership Consultant & Trainer for USDA, Microsoft & Grifols; Branding, Social & Identity Consultant for JHU, IFIC, General Mills & Neustar; Product Development & Launch Leader for Points of Light Foundation; Vice President of Marketing for Bantu; Director of Product Management for CareerBuilder; International Government Affairs Specialist for HP/EDS/GM
Narrative Intelligence Experience: Trained to administer and coach with the SVSS and Culture Talk story typing systems. Dana's right/left brain coaching style expands you, elevating your natural abilities to grow and see yourself in a new ways.

Cindy Atlee

Leadership Coach, Branding/Culture Consultant, Founder of The Storybranding Group and the Narrative Intelligence Collective 

Story Type Power Team: Creator, Magician, Lover, Innocent
Style: Imaginative, intuitive, enthusiastic, positive
Storyline: Helping clients understand and express who they are in more motivating, inspiring, authentic and engaging ways
Claims to fame: Co-developer, Professional, Strengths Values & Story Survey; ICF-approved to train coaches in SVSS and narrative intelligence
Areas of expertise: Coaching, leadership & career development; transitions; professional identity & voice; personal & organizational branding; team & culture building; communications; employee engagement; training and facilitation; positive psychology and professional well being
Previous roles: Senior VP, Branding & Organizational Culture/ Porter Novelli; Senior-level Executive at multiple mid-Atlantic communications and advertising agencies; Senior Fellow, UMD Academy of Leadership
Narrative Intelligence Experience: Cindy is creator of the story typing approach to career/professional development and has worked with hundreds of clients in all kinds of organizational settings.  Cindy’s innovative, enthusiastic coaching style makes her a motivating guide for helping clients design worklife identities they love--and bring their true selves into the light.

"Dana and Cindy are masters of their game"

For years I had struggled with how to articulate my niche, and nothing felt ‘quite right’. Then I discovered the story typing system and it has given me exactly what I needed to clarify, name and claim what is important to me in my career and my business. No more ‘niching’!
Dana and Cindy are masters of their game and the practical, deep and meaningful work they share is like a breath of fresh air.”
Joan Bell, Business Coach


When are the meetings scheduled?

Online materials and group discussions will open on September 10th.

We'll meet by Zoom on a weekly basis, Thursdays from noon-2pm eastern from September 24th to October 29th. 

Will this program help me find my purpose?

Yes! The story typing and narrative intelligence-based tools and exercises we'll share with you will help you identify the common theme of your life's purpose—and what it looks like at this point in your career development. When you're living in alignment with this deeply motivational storyline, your life and work will have greater purpose and meaning.

Will this program help me find a new job?

Yes! Finding your perfect job is the first step in the search for a job that authentically brings you meaning and satisfaction. This program will help you shape an inspirational vision of your perfect job, and why it's the ideal fit for you at this stage in your career. Whether your job search is now or two years from now, you'll find yourself more directed and focused on finding work that lights you up. 

You'll also receive support and bonus materials you can use to update your LinkedIn and resume, become more targeted in your networking and interviews. Whether you use these materials to look for a new job or just give your personal brand presence an uplift, you'll be better positioned to gain the right kind of visibility for your short- and long-term career and job seeking goals.

How much time does this take?

You’ll likely spend four hours a week on the program during our six-week time together. That includes attending a two-hour weekly Zoom session and spending a couple of hours on “homework” designed very specifically to move you forward with the most essential components of the program. You’ll also receive additional bonus materials each week that you can download to use at a future time or use as part of your preparation for our group sessions.

Will group coaching sessions be recorded?

Each online session will be recorded and available for seven days. If you miss a session you'll have seven days to view it. Recordings will not include breakout exercises, which are a significant value for the program. 

It's Time to Rewrite Your Story

There's probably a lot of uncertainty in your life and career right now, and maybe some ennui and restlessness, as well. When there's so much you can't control, it's empowering to take a step back to reset your goals and re-energize the way you show up in the world--with intention! 

With an updated career story you'll find more confidence and attract meaningful new opportunities—where your work right now or through the new opportunities you’ll feel ready to take on going forward.