Webinar Series: The Career Bliss Journey

Is it possible to find "career bliss" in the middle of a pandemic? YES. When COVID-19 has made everything uncertain, it's hard to imagine, but in many ways this is the perfect time to find more meaning and impact in your worklife. Hosted by Dana Theus (InPower Coaching) and Cindy Atlee (The Storybranding Group)
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Finding Worklife Bliss in a COVID-shaken World (Shift Your Mindset)
In this 30 min webinar you'll discover your second clue to discovering your career bliss.

Recorded August 20, 2020
Career Bliss Webinar 1 [Recording]
51 mins
Finding Bliss-Based Meaning In Any Career Stage (Change Your Approach)
In this 30 min webinar you'll continue to explore your career bliss journey

Recorded August 27, 2020
Career Bliss Webinar 2 [Recording]
45 mins
Using Bliss-based Job Search, Personal Branding & Promotion Strategies in a COVID Economy (Take Inspired Action)
In this 30 min video, you'll uncover the final clue to a powerful career plan

Recorded September 3, 2020
45 mins
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