How to build your personal resilience: a 2020 skill we all need!
October 21, 2020
I think everyone is working on their personal resilience skills extra hard right now. Why? Well, if 2020 wasn't enough, there's always just... life.

I'm still living in a bunch of boxes after my move last weekend--and feeling very discombobulated every time I reach for.... anything. What's your challenge this week?

So what's the secret to success in these challenging times? Personal resilience! Join me TODAY at noon eastern for a webinar in the secrets to shifting your mindset around change and personal setbacks. 

RECORDING: WEBINAR on building personal resilience

: InPower Strategies to Build Resilience and Overcome Personal Setbacks
No matter how successful you are on the outside, or how put together you appear to others, inside you (like all of us) experience unmet expectations, personal failures and challenges that drain your energy, increase your stress and weaken your self-confidence. When you’re intentional about how you come back from these inevitable setbacks, you become stronger, more capable and more self-confident. But it doesn’t usually feel very fun, so most of us miss opportunities to grow through failure. How can you make overcoming personal challenges a habit? Something you do easily and often? A process that actually brings you a sense of accomplishment? This topic will provide some simple personal strategies to create habits for resilience and success. Join us on October 21st at 12 noon eastern - Recording available to paid members here (included in all paid memberships).

Be well. Stay safe.

Dana Theus
Executive Coach

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